Horse Boat

[insert vinyl "wax on, wax off" joke]

Deadspin: "I'm not sure exactly how the whole Tyler Hansbrough-as-a-Muppet phenomenon got started…"


15 Mar 06:

North Carolina forward Tyler Hansbrough and Beaker — separated at birth.

If you're skeptical, why would I lie about starting this particular "phenomenon"?

Drew can attest.

Hasheem Thabeet looks like someone, but I can't pinpoint who, and it's bugged me all season. My mind says "a dinosaur," but which pop culture dinosaur? None of the ones I've run through match.

Leave it to MTV to turn revenge against a bully into a game show.

What if the bully wins the fight and the $10,000?

If Watchmen had been directed by Judd Apatow, Sofia Coppola or Woody Allen
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Nickelback covers Soul Coughing


  1. Dickles McSwish 13 Mar 09 at 15:16

    Expecting credit from Deadspin is like expecting a hooker to not accept payment because you were so good. Never gonna happen.


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