I wanna bite the hand that feeds me

After outlasting all of Howard Stern's other replacements (Adam Carolla, David Lee Roth, Rover), The Woody Show was canned by Bay Area radio station Live 105 on Wednesday, reportedly for breaching an embargo on Green Day's new single, although I suspect it's for publicizing a webcam video of a Live 105 DJ masturbating on the job under the soundboard.

And then there were none.

[mariachi music]

Strobe Light
Hasheem Thabeet took the lame award for the day
Repo Chick, a sequel to Repo Man produced by David Lynch, wrapped principal photography in February

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  1. Josh 02 Apr 09 at 23:01

    gotta say, i thought it was bc they rag on their program director, but they keep saying it's a legal issue. either way, it sucks balls.


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