Spring Movie Preview

Bitch Academy
april 3 :: full frame documentary film festival

In St. Petersburg [Russia], attractive and accomplished women enroll in the Vixen Academy to learn how to "turn off their heads" around men and dance like strippers for imaginary sugar daddies.

world premiere :: april 3 :: philadelphia film festival canceled

Full frontal nudity, female masturbation and vaginal mutilation are just the tip of the iceberg.

Aborted from his mother's womb via a twisted wire coat-hanger and left for dead in a rat infested dumpster, "Hanger" somehow survives. Eighteen years later, he's ready to take on the brutally vicious pimp "Leroy" who murdered his mother in the botched abortion.

world premiere :: april 24 :: tribeca film festival

"to survive / you have to play / paintball"

Eight strangers convene in an undisclosed location for an intense, experts-only paintball retreat. As the game advances and the stakes get higher, however, it becomes clear that the group is playing a very different game than they signed up for.

The Wild and Wonderful Whites
of West Virginia

world premiere :: april 25 :: tribeca film festival

A jaw-dropping portrait of a family that will live on in infamy. From stabbings and attempted murder to drug trafficking and a child custody battle, the Whites run the gamut of drama.

From MTV Studios and executive producers Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine (Jackass).

Midgets vs. Mascots
world premiere :: april 25 :: tribeca film festival

"Primary Cast: Gary Coleman, Gator, Taco, Spartan Man, Bunny, Sheriff"

A "guerrilla improv" cross between Jackass and the Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

Test screening audience comments:

The n-word at dinner scene was hilarious!

I enjoyed the continuous Gary Coleman jokes, the rodeo, and Scottie Pippen!

I loved seeing Gary's PENIS.

Gary Coleman's dick was LOL.

Amerika Idol
may 1 :: hot docs canadian international documentary festival

After suffering centuries of floods, war and famine, a tiny Serbian village chooses Rocky Balboa as their new patron saint, hoping that a massive sculpture – unveiled during the annual ChickenFest – will reverse their fortunes.

Best Worst Movie
may 1 :: hot docs canadian international documentary festival

Widely regarded as the "worst movie ever," Troll 2 has become one of the most beloved straight-to-video flops ever. How did this trainwreck of a film about vegetarian goblins rocket to cult classic status?

Cat Ladies
world premiere :: may 1 :: hot docs canadian international documentary festival

Follows the lives of four crazy "cat ladies," taking us beyond the stereotypes to explore the deeply felt emotions of loss and loneliness.

Bloody Mondays and Strawberry Pies
may 7 :: hot docs canadian international documentary festival

Explores the effects of boredom on the human condition. A Wall Street stockbroker, the last living female spy of the Second World War, a painter who has been painting "Time" for the last 42 years, and the infamous Brenda Spencer who, at 16, shot 11 people because she didn't like Mondays are among the main characters.

Narrated by John Malkovich.

Easier with Practice
world premiere :: june 11~13 :: cinevegas film festival

While on a road trip to promote his unpublished novel, Davy Mitchell finds himself falling for a mysterious phone sex caller.

Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg
summer movie preview preview

Holy cow! Best worst trailer?


  1. Drew 04 Apr 09 at 15:25

    Holy fucking shit that Kungfu Cyborg trailer is unbelievable.


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