Allllllllllrighty then

Previously on Adam Riff™:
"The Woody Show was canned by Bay Area radio station Live 105."

Live 105 will reportedly replace The Woody Show with Kevin and Bean, syndicated from KROQ in Los Angeles.

A radio station in San Francisco will syndicate a morning show in Los Angeles which is half-broadcast from Seattle (Bean lives on Vashon Island).

Until then, Live 105 is filling the void with music, much of which isn't particularly modern or alternative.

The Internet fractured musical consciousness forever, so I understand why radio so frequently reaches back to when music was more of a collective experience, but it's a terrible business model for a struggling industry.

Imagine a "modern" multiplex permanently allocating two-thirds of its auditoriums to screenings of Home Alone and Terminator 2.

Radio should become a pipeline of discovery, ratings be damned. Familiarity may keep a station afloat, but surprise gives people a reason to continue listening. Moreover, you can't discover music on an iPod, but you can definitely listen to Nirvana ad nauseam.

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