Double feature this week.



Kangaroo – check. Koala – check.

Jono Smith's secret fetish for kitchen appliances has caused him to lose his manhood in a flight of passion. Fortunately the recent death of a porn star makes a transplant possible and with the help of his crazy friends Jono just might get laid again. [source]

According to IMDb's user comments, Jono loses his penis while sexing

a mincer

and receives a penis transplant from a black adult film star.

Considering IMDb lists Going Down Under as Meat Pie, I'm guessing at some point Jono's minced penis ends up in a pie and someone eats some of the pie. LULZ.

Previously on Adam Riff™:

Electric Fence
A nebbish bachelor loses his penis when an epileptic hooker has a seizure with his rod in her mouth. With his freshly transplanted member, he experiences newfound sexual urges.

One more film and "freak penis loss/transplant" qualifies as a genre.

Spike Jonze wastes no time adapting another 10 page childrens book into a film
"Team Eyeborg" has just succeeded in fitting Spence with an artificial eye containing a working LED – a step towards a camera-containing synthetic eye

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