The food of the wise man but the liquor of the fool

Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong, my second favourite film of 2008, will open the 2009 Los Angeles United Film Festival on April 30.

The line-up also include a documentary on the Rock-afire Explosion and some film called Unfinished Documentary on Masturbation featuring Larry Flynt, Joycelyn Elders and…Muhammad Ali.

Simply translating the poster into German increased my interest.

As of press time, if you search "Wolverine" on IMDb, IMDb returns this:

Methinks his alias is a hack.

Also according to IMDb, the screenwriter of Dragonball Evolution is nicknamed "Killa."

Comedy Sketch Idea: Creed from The Office fills in for Locke on Lost.

Comedy Sketch Idea: Roy Williams watches Beaches.

I caught a bit of a Dinner: Impossible episode in which the challenge was to cater a dinner for Winter X Games athletes. Chef Irvine's "extreme" menu included items like an "extreme" fruit salad and "extreme" oatmeal cookies.

I was "extremely" annoyed at how many times the word "extreme" was used in the 20 minutes I saw.

My local Whole Foods' deli now offers raw cuisine by Leaf – "meat" patties which look like dog food, even less appetizing "rawsagna"…

The oddity on the right side of the plate is supposed to be pizza.

I can understand why someone would eat vegetarian or vegan, but what's so repugnant about heating food?

Comedy Sketch Idea: The Fat Vegans. They could be recurring characters.

I wonder if Listerine's black light rinse for kids detects semen too.


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