Your head will collapse if there's nothing in it

A drive-through Subway restaurant in Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Maybe it's the camera lens, but that Subway looks humongous.

Countries formerly with Subway restaurants:
Dominican Republic
Slovenia [source]

Huh. You can't eat Subway in Israel.

What happened?

How could Subway fail while succeeding in neighbouring countries and…the Northern Mariana Islands?

Subway offers kosher and halal menus…

While killing time at 7-Eleven, I saw these:

I like the idea of Doritos After Dark, especially when they homonymously taste like vaginas and spicy alkyl nitrites, but Lay's suit late night better.

Late Night Baked Lay's.
Late Night Wavy Lay's.
Late Night Flamin' Hot Lay's.
Late Night Dill Pickle Lay's.
Late Night Sea Salt Flavoured Thick Cut Lay's.

Enough with the cake shit, Food Network Nighttime. How about a bento box challenge or a show about a bento master?

Rubber Band in the Burrito


  1. bdot 17 Apr 09 at 12:22

    i thought that i was the only one that was getting annoyed with the cakes challenges!!!

    why are they continually showing that shit? the cakes are retarded when they try and make them look like people or characters, (and i am getting sick of all the disney tie-ins), and to make matters worse 90% of the cake ISN'T EVEN CAKE!!!!!! it's all pvc pipe and crisped rice and shit. (okay that "90%" was over exaggeration out of anger).

    the iron chef makes WAYYYYY more sense, since it all has to be edible, and there is a substantial amount of skill involved in preparing ANYTHING that has a chance in passing the judging. (although i have to say that i think that there is a bit of fakery happening on that show too, but i am willing to overlook it).

    anyway – i suspect that the reason those frickin cake competition shows are so popular, is because they cost a lot less money to make. it is owned by the food network, so they don't have to pay extra for some independently produced show, featuring some sort of ultra high-pay celebrity chef.

    plus there is the emotional aspect. will the cake TUMBLE on it's way to the table? and the fact that these are generally "no name" cooks/chefs, (usually women), there will probably be some tears at some point. or some gushing of happiness.

    frinally, if you happen to be a die-hard foodie, (like me), and you need your food tv fix, you watch, even if you don't want to, because it is food related.

    it beats watching those reruns of csi : miami.

    "looks like THIS guy wanted to have his cake…….. and EAT it too……." yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………


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