16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought Six

1. I went to the public viewing of the Michael Jackson estate. (click to enlarge)

2. I wish folk songs soundtracked my life.

3. I've never seen anything Star Trek-related, but I want to take this trailer behind a middle school and get it pregnant.

4. The opposite of that trailer? This trailer.

5. Idea: A period dance flick. For example: A plantation girl falls in love with a young male slave, who introduces her to the Underground Railroad's competitive dance scene.


7. Zac Efron's hair is like manifest destiny.

8. Amber Stevens, who plays Ashleigh on Greek, is the daughter of Hollywood Squares announcer (and Dave's World star) Shadoe Stevens.

9. For entertainment, Nazis organize a dance competition at Nuremberg. Losing troupes die. Working title: Jew Got Served.

10. ESPN passed on playoff hockey for speed pool.

11. George Karl reminds me of Gargamel – an aged Gargamel. KARLGAMEL!

12. Do not feed the troll.

13. "Chicken…and broccoli."

14. Why wasn't Jason Statham cast in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra?

15. If the duo behind Crank: High Voltage collaborated with Williams Street on a film, heads would implode.

The new Sierra Mist Ruby Splash ad campaign looks suspiciously like ATHF with citrus instead of fast food.

16. Josh beat me to it.

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