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How old is too old to attend Warped Tour?

I'm looking at the line-ups for this year's local dates and…

Whoa. Guttermouth is still active?

Previously on Adam Riff™:

I'm not sure "eclectic" is the right word.

Four years later…


I've caught Sonic Youth live twice, once at All Tomorrow's Parties and once at Coachella. Both times the band just…droned notes. At ATP, they droned the same note repeatedly for a few minutes.

Music festival fanatics fascinate me. What a niche obsession.
—this fest is hilariously terrible

The Offspring and 311 will headline Live 105's BFD in June.

In August, Boyz II Men will perform at the San Mateo County Fair, along with Tower of Power and Pink Floyd Laserspectacular.

Neither 311 nor Boyz II Men have produced an honest-to-God hit single in years ("Love Song" doesn't count), but in 2009, 311 can headline radio festivals while Boyz II Men is relegated to playing Indian casinos and fairs, even though Boyz II Men was far more popular in its heyday.

Boyz II Men was named most successful group and 4th overall artist of the 1990s by Billboard Magazine. [source]

1. Mariah Carey
2. Janet Jackson
3. Garth Brooks
4. Boyz II Men
5. Celine Dion

I can't remember when I last heard "I'll Make Love to You" or "Water Runs Dry" on the radio, but I heard "Down" this morning.

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1UP podcasters once debated the better part of a sandwich – bread or meat?

The answer is obviously "meat." If bread was the better part, bocadillerias wouldn't offer sandwiches as wraps and salads too.

Now… Better part of a song: music or lyrics?

I say "music." A song without lyrics is still listenable. A song without music, however, is just poetry, and poetry is gay.


  1. hugo 22 Apr 09 at 04:21

    download fest lineup > warped tour lineup

    while we're on topic:

    wango fucking tango > warped tour lineup

  2. garkahar 25 Apr 09 at 04:15

    download fest has an OK line up… i can see where people would go to see them.

    BoyzIIMen are amazing.

    I think i know the lyrics to 15% of the songs i normally listen too. Its all about sounds.


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