When did Family Guy become so preachy?

I don't watch it regularly, but when tasked with busywork at work, I'll Hulu an episode or two to help pass time.

Every one I've seen recently had an overt liberal agenda. Some of the dialogue was just Seth MacFarlane rebutting conservative arguments.

South Park isn't much better, but at least Trey and Matt preach clearly.

I saw an episode of Family Guy today in which Brian advocates passionately for the legalization of marijuana only to about-face when Mr. Pewterschmidt offers him a book deal.

Lesson Learned: Anthropomorphic dogs are selfish.

How do you mispronounce "Troy Aikman"?


  1. Jeremy 23 Apr 09 at 15:37

    South Park also manages to express non-cliche overused PC jew liberal views, unlike family guy… ROFL A NAZI WEARIGN A MCAIN-PALIN BUTTNO LOLOL BUSH = NAZI ROFL ROFL ROFL (i'm referring to the recent family guy episode which involved time travel to nazi occupied poland)


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