Clap Hands

I used to imitate Brad Pitt's whiny "What's in the box?" at the end of Se7en.

"What's in the box? What's in the booooox?!"

I found it blended well with Tony Micelli and The Fonz.

"Hey, Angela! What's in the box? What's in the booooox?! Ayyy!"

Another standby of mine is Benicio Del Toro's cool "If you cross this line…" in the trailer for The Hunted (I've never seen the film).

My current favourite quote is "DO IT!!!"

I excerpted a scene from Donkey Punch last year in which Alan Rickman's God-son goads his buddy into donkey-punching a girl.

Off-camera, he utters "Do it. Do it." and then unexpectedly shouts "DO IT!!!"

Punch. Dead girl.

"DO IT!!!"

My boss probably suspects I've developed Tourette's.

I whisper-blurt it out…


  1. BARRY 28 Apr 09 at 14:30

    that movie was awful. dammit.

  2. Aaron 29 Apr 09 at 00:37

    "What's in the box?" is one of my stock lines. It's really applicable in very many ways. Like at Christmas time, festive.


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