Piss Off

Belated Amazing Race talk: How 'bout Jen and Kisha losing the final spot in the final three because Jen needed to pee?

She literally pissed away a million dollars.

She had on BLACK pants. Covered by a KIMONO. She could have shat herself and no one out of olfactory range would have ever known. [source]

And how 'bout Luke and Margie's killer fatigue?

"I love my deaf gay son."

Sometime before Sunday's finale, I want to assemble a montage of Luke's hilariously pathetic "mooooom" wails.


  1. hugo 07 May 09 at 18:24

    it sounds more like "DAHWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" more than "moooooom."

    yeah, i cant believe she HAD to pee just seconds before the nfl bitches checked in. i would have gladly shit myself on national television for a 33% chance in winning a million fucking dollars.

    i REALLY hope the affluent AZN attorneys dont win. theyve been infinitely irritable the whole season.


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