"Gentlemen, do I have at least four letters wrong?"

November 30, 2007: "ceazer"
January 1, 2008: "ceazers"
July 7, 2008: "ceazers"
July 26, 2008: "ceazer"
September 28, 2008: "ceazers"
February 6, 2009: "ceazers"


"Gentlemen, do I have at least three letters wrong?"

April 18, 2009: "Ceaser"
May 9, 2009: "ceaser"


Even when the correct spelling is right in front of him, and he's already spelled it correctly twice, Robert still manages to misspell it!

With an "s" or a "z," you ask?

With an "s."

And an "a" after the "c" and an "e" after the "a" and an "a" after the "s."

C-A-E-S-A-R, G-O-D-D-A-M-M-I-T!!!!!!

Jon (without an "h")


  1. Adam 12 May 09 at 20:16

    Caesar's are gods piss… which I imagine is quite delicious. His recipe is missing some shit though. Big fucking green olives and pickled asparagus.

  2. John 13 May 09 at 00:34

    i agree with asparagus…but the green olives are absolutely unnecessary…(4 tries at spelling unnecessary)

  3. rob 13 May 09 at 10:31

    This is how you spend 35 hours a week working on your website?

    I spend 1. I guess it shows.

    Does this mean my rank will go up on your score board?

  4. mehheeko 14 May 09 at 11:34

    Were you aware that 'Caesar's dressing' is of Mexican creation?


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