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» Forget LeBron and Kobe. J.J. Redick and Adam Morrison are four wins away from meeting in the NBA Finals.

» EA added first-person brawling and towel-waving fans to NHL 10. Still no black people…

» I'm plotting a trip to Detroit and am not seeing the "historically low airfares" and "falling consumer prices" I keep reading about.

» It bugs me when an actor who is supposed to be driving straight noticeably oscillates a steering wheel.

Inspired by the visited countries meme: How many states/provinces/countries have you patronized a cinema in?

My number is disappointingly low.

1. California

2. Oregon
I saw Once Upon a Time in Mexico in Salem and Cabin Fever in Portland.

3. Washington
I saw Spun in Seattle.

4. British Columbia
I attended the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2004 and saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow separately.

5. Nevada
I attended the CineVegas Film Festival in 2008.

6. Arizona
I saw Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones in Mesa.

7. Illinois
Lived in Chicago for a year.

8. Michigan
I saw 8 Mile in Detroit, Attack of the Clones in Dearborn, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in Southfield, Open Water and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in Birmingham, and The Departed in Ann Arbor.

9. Ontario
I attended the Toronto International Film Festival in 2007 and 2008 and saw Eastern Promises separately. I also saw Trailer Park Boys: The Movie in Windsor and Shoot 'Em Up in Waterloo.

10. Quebec
I saw The Hebrew Hammer in Montreal.

11. New York
I saw Gigli in Manhattan.

12. Taiwan
I saw Ghost, The Rock and Chain Reaction in Taipei.



I was pondering a way to fuse a film festival and a music festival.

Idea: A director and a band collaborate on a film. The band composes all the music – the score, any songs. The final cut of the film is devoid of music and can only be seen in its intended form by catching the band live on a film tour.

I'm on the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival's mailing list.

Though the full lineup is still being finalized, we are excited to announce a tribute to the portrayal of Jews in broadcast television.

Or: Seinfeld.

Another Hole in the Head unveiled its full 09 line-up.


Black Devil Doll
Heather plays with a Ouija board. Meanwhile, a black radical is electrocuted. Channels get crossed, and we now have our somewhat shocked temptress sharing "quality time" with a puppet that craves white women, raunchy sex, fried chicken, murder and destruction.

very nsfw trailer

Franklin cums alive?

The Silence of the Sushi Rolls
Meet Claire, an elite sexual crime investigator, who tries to arrest a sex offender on a train, but he evades capture by putting a strange device on her vagina that incapacitates her.

caps of the trailer:

Sushi Rolls is, evidently, the re-titled fourth film of a Sexy S.W.A.T. Team tetralogy.

Sexy S.W.A.T. Team is also known as "Female Detective Molester Buster: My Ass Wins."

It's followed by Sexy S.W.A.T. Team 2 a.k.a. "Female Detective Molester Buster 2: Catch You with My Breasts," "Team 3: Indecent Technique" and "Team 4: Melting Body." [source]

What is the best fourth film sequel? Rocky IV?

Star Wars doesn't count.

Speaking of which, Jord, who is (was?) a Star Wars fanatic, studied film at Columbia in Chicago.

Well, guess who's currently studying film at his alma mater?

Why… Anakin Skywalker!

» The legislators behind adding calorie counts to menus probably told on other students in elementary school.

» Vented wide mouths, frost brewed liners, taste protector lids – imagine if we could channel all the energy spent on innovating beer cans elsewhere. Pitless cherries, for example.

» We've entered that annoying time of the year where it's too hot to run until after nine at night. I mistakenly shaved my head today and now look like I'm wearing brownface.

» Time flies: Last Call with Carson Daly is currently in its eighth season!

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  1. seamus 19 May 09 at 18:48

    Star Trek IV — the one where they go to late '80s San Francisco. Easily the most fun of the first-gen Star Trek films.


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