The shortened forms of the name Andrew fascinate me.

Xanders and Tophers are negligible, but Andrews are solidly divided between Andys and Drews.

I'm curious as to why Andys choose Andy over Drew and vice versa. Is it just what pairs better with your surname?

Hypothesis: An Andrew's personality defines whether he is an Andy or a Drew.

From my experience, Andys are typically approachable, "aw shucks" types, while Drews are too cool for school.

Alas, Drew Carey pokes a hole in my argument.


  1. vladmir 19 May 09 at 22:35

    andrews are just assholes.

  2. Josh 19 May 09 at 22:48

    Assuming your hypothesis is based only on the shortened forms of Andrew, Carey is excluded as Drew is his full first name.

  3. Drew 20 May 09 at 00:43

    I fought the nickname "Andy" when I was a kid because it seemed old-fashioned and reminded me of Andy Griffith. Also, one of my teachers in high school (whom I disliked greatly) called me Andy constantly despite innumerable requests for him to call me either Andrew or Drew. He thought it was funny. His first name was Dick.

    My immediate family doesn't like the nickname Drew at all; they all call me Andrew. My dad has said he thinks Drew is trite. He's said the same thing about sportscasters who refer to Arizona as "Zona."


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