Demure, Aggressive, Sleazy

Thanks to foodie web sites, traveling now wreaks havoc on my body. On Thursday alone, after devouring a half-pound burger at Lunchbox Laboratory with more bacon on it than I've eaten in years (plus tots), I consumed some macaroni and cheese, a raspberry and cream cheese brownie, and an espresso brownie just because I had to try Beecher's Cheese and Three Girls Bakery.

How do the souvenir shirts that you see in every airport not all end up in a landfill or an impoverished country?

If you like a city so much, move there. Wearing a souvenir shirt just says, "I am a tacky, uninteresting person."

"Whoa. You saw Desaparecidos open for Bright Eyes at CMJ?"
"Whoa. You…visited Alaska?"


With the Internet, you don't even need to visit a city anymore to buy a souvenir shirt. You can easily be a tacky, uninteresting poseur.

I once saw a man wearing a San Francisco souvenir shirt while riding a cable car in San Francisco.

Way to be that guy who wears a shirt he bought at a concert to that concert, I thought.

I don't understand tourists who photograph stuff without anyone they know in the frame. You can find tons of (likely better composed) photos of the Space Needle on the Internet. Don't you want a more personal one?

LeBron and Kobe may be the sequel to Dan and Dave.


  1. Mike 22 May 09 at 15:37

    I also spent last night watching Ahnold on cable tv. I'll see you tomorrow at Bronson.


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