The Turn

Why is Star Wars on MTV? I think this is an MTV Movie Awards parodies special. I've never seen this one. How did MTV get Ian McDiarmid to participate?

five minutes later

Boy, this is a long, terrible parody… Anakin can't land a spacecraft – hi-larious!

two-and-a-half minutes later

"Hey, what is this?"
"Episode III."

It seems like every neighbourhood in Seattle is a trendy one.

If Austin is the most tattooed city in the country, then Seattle can't be far behind.

The slogan for Washington's Lottery is "Whose World Could You Change?" Playing the lottery, however, is not a philanthropic endeavor. People who play the lottery are not celebrities.

"Whose world could you begrudgingly endow?"

If the slogan refers to the funds that the lottery collects, then…way to guilt people into gambling.

"For as little as $5 a month, you can help make a difference in the lives of children in need."

Maybe it was the holiday weekend or Sasquatch!, but for the largest film festival in America, SIFF was poorly attended.

After roping them into seeing Spun, The Backyard and Bronson, I'll be shocked if Chris and Mike ever see another film with me.

Chris remarked that Bronson "has no soul."


It "has no soul"? Who says that?

Invisible beret!

"This fish market…has no sole."

The best film I saw was Paper Heart, a cute investigative mockumentary by Michael Cera's Asian girlfriend. They faux fall in love on camera!

According to the end credits, Rivers Cuomo wrote a song which Michael Cera plays or sings.

As SIFF is three weeks long, I will miss a short about an elderly dancer who covers his home in penis wallpaper and an adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron."

I've never eaten so many fries in such a short period of time – hand-cut fries, Greek fries, the locally rampant sweet potato fries, (fish and) chips, poutine.

Jon's fry decrees

1. Fries should never be sweet. Or thick-cut for that matter. Steak fries just taste like carbs.

2. Fry toppings should not overwhelm the fries. 1:2 ratio max. This is not acceptable poutine:

3. Fish and chips is too much fried food at once. Would you eat pasta in a bread bowl? At worst, it should be fish and crisps.

4. Japanese restaurants: Replace the vegetables with another shrimp tempura or two. No one willingly eats vegetable tempura.

"Oooh! Battered broccoli!"

twitter feed of the spelling bee's canadian contingent's


  1. chris 28 May 09 at 04:46

    Bronson didn't have a soul. It had some nice shots, some funny dialogue, the lead actor wasn't bad. But there was nothing beyond its superficial face. It had no empathy.

    Spun was pretty bad but I actually liked The Backyard quite a bit which was pretty impressive since I disliked wrestling intensely when I saw it. I really liked 'The Lizard.' Felt like he was doing something he had to do. In short it had soul.

    Don't get all Seinfeld on me. The 90's are over. People can pretty much say/do anything they want now.

  2. chris 28 May 09 at 04:50

    One more thing- We saw Dizzle Sunday night and Moon Tuesday night. Both shows were sold out/theatre packed. The directors did Q&A's at both and some of the actors were also at Dizzle.

    David Russo seems like a really moody guy and Duncan Jones rambled for like half an hour.


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