The love you save may be your own

I should touch on Jon and Kate before the week ends.

The two strongly suggest that their marriage is over, but Monday's season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8 outdrew the season finale of Lost.

What now?

Jon Plus 8 Every Other Weekend.
Jon and Carol and Ted and Kate Plus 8.
Jon and Kate +7 (the two try to salvage their marriage in Russia).
Kate and 8 Minus Jon.
Jon and Nadya Plus 16 (a contemporary Brady bunch).

TLC also airs 18 Kids and Counting, a series about the infamous Duggar family.

Jon and Nadya Plus 16/18 Kids and Counting Challenge, hosted by Mat Hoffman.

Film Idea: Stay Together for the Keds. "Jon" and "Kate" want to divorce, but both are unwilling to relinquish a sentimental pair of shoes, and both rightly deserve possession.


  1. Tyler 01 Jun 09 at 00:41

    Is "Jon and Carol and Ted and Kate Plus 8" where they become swingers and bring the kids along? Because that might be kind of awesome.


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