Cool guys don't look at explosions

» Driving schools seem to gravitate toward fad cars. I practiced in a New Beetle and have seen student drivers in PT Cruisers and MINI Coopers. No Teslas (yet).

» I have a strong urge to front-flip my car, but can't see how I don't destroy it in doing so.

I turned on the radio in my car.

[glitchy music]

Subtract its glitchy bridge and "New Divide" sounds like a pastiche of previous Linkin Park singles.

Linkin Park's lyrics remind me of wolf moon shirts and dreamcatchers and Mohinder's monologues on Heroes.

» At Safeway, I saw a woman pass a display stand for the Paul Blart: Mall Cop DVD, backtrack, throw a copy in her basket, and continue walking.

» Kiefer Sutherland is currently shooting a film titled Twelve.

Idea: Prescription 3D glasses, or 3D clip-on shades. Wearing glasses over glasses is clunky.

If I was a hip-hop artist, my handle would be "Billy Cristal."

Billy Cristal – Self-Titled EP
1. Mr. Saturday Night
2. City Slickers
3. Throw Momma from the Train (skit)
4. Running Scared
5. Analyze This
6. 61*

Song Idea: Explosions in the Sky cover Metric's "Help I'm Alive."

Song Idea: An electro-house remix of Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do."

My brother is going to Ghana this summer.

I… To each his own.

Maybe I only associate with horrible people, but everyone I know who performed humanitarian work in an impoverished country did not enjoy their stay.

Heck, Marissa fled the Peace Corps after only a few weeks, and she was stationed in South Africa, which is downright metropolitan.

Trek Desk Forces You to Exercise All Day at Work

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  1. vladmir 01 Jun 09 at 12:10

    regarding 3d glasses: yesterday I thought the same thing about clip on 3d glasses. how the hell am i supposed to enjoy a movie wearing two pairs of glasses with one constantly falling off?


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