long time listener, first time caller

i have been hanging around this place for quite a while, and (strangely enough), these guys have managed to find me no matter where i have set up some poor excuse for a website.

not because they were looking for me, but (i suspect), because they were just randomly wandering around the series of tubes, and looking at the same things that i was.

anyway, nice to be here, blahblahblah…..

rather than try and be all bombastic and "wow factor" with my first post, i thought that perhaps you might like to have a look at the question that i believe is quite possibly the dumbest question EVER asked in the english language :

"do these elevators go UP or DOWN?"

slightly stunned from the stupidity, i responded with "well i really suppose it all depends on which floor you are on"… not entirely sure why he asked me – i was just another person in the same hotel as him.

shortly after that, (exact same day), i was asked a question that would make the first guy look like an intellectual colussus :

"do you happen to know where the "2nd floor meeting rooms" are?"

how am i supposed to answer that without sounding like a complete asshole?

pretty sure i was on candid camera that day…………….. and i am pretty that those two guys have difficulty remembering to breathe.

i hate people.

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