People need to stop greenlighting TV shows about viral videos

Before my screening of Up, I caught an ad for CN Real, Cartoon Network's new live-action reality programming block.

CN Real series include what appear to be Ghost Hunters with kids, Survivorman with kids and Cash Cab on a roller coaster.

Is Discovery Kids that formidable a competitor?

I know content expansion is inevitable on cable, but couldn't Cartoon Network have greenlit, say, a live-action Time Warp Trio series instead? Something more consistent…

On Saturday, GSN will air The Game Show Awards, featuring tributes to Bob Barker, Mark Goodson and Monty Hall.

Award categories include:
» Favourite Game Show Models
» Smartest Game Show Contestant (isn't this quantitative?)
» Favourite Prize
» Favourite Parting Gift
» Favourite Interactive DVD Version of a Game Show

[fail horn]

Favourite "Price Is Right" Pricing Game
• Cliff Hangers
• Clock Game
• Dice Game
• Hole in One
• It's in the Bag
• Money Game
• Plinko
• Punch a Bunch
• Race Game
• Range Game

It's in the Bag and Money Game? Whuh? Where are Lucky $even and One Away and fuckin' Golden Road?

Golden Road is the best Price Is Right game by far!

Time Warner Cable replaced Mark Cuban's HDNet with (heh) MavTV, which bills itself as "TV created by men for men."

And what do men think men want to watch?

Lots of auto racing, bare-handed catfishing and A SHOW OF JUST HOT GIRLS WORKING OUT.

Ar ar ar!

Idea: Family Guy – just the cutaways. Edit it like Robot Chicken and air it against Saturday Night Live.

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