I missed a lot of great television by having friends

One more note on Seattle.

Tony ordered a sandwich at Subway with Pepper Jack cheese, which, unbeknownst to me at the time, is an possible option.

I spent the past week visiting all the Subways in my area.

No Pepper Jack. Only American, Swiss and Provolone.

Swiss is fine, but Pepper Jack is divine.

Chris used to work at a Subway in the Seattle area. If memory serves me correctly, his Subway did not offer Swiss cheese.

How can you not offer Swiss? American and Swiss are the chocolate and vanilla of cheese!

At Subway today, the woman queued in front of me ordered a six-inch…Seafood Sensation?

Apparently, imitation crab meat slathered in mayonnaise > Pepper Jack.

I just saw Andrew Zimmern eat chopped pig face and bull testicle ceviche in Nicaragua.


  1. Harlo 03 Jun 09 at 10:48

    Some time ago Subway's only cheese option was White American cheese. I remember this clearly because when I made the mistake of asking for something "exotic" like swiss or provolone I was told their only offering was "regular cheese." How White American constitutes regular cheese, I'll never know.

  2. chris 03 Jun 09 at 18:45

    You're right, and as of a month or so ago they still don't have Swiss. But they do have Pepper Jack. Also, I've never heard of Subway having Provolone until now.


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