Waiting for Doshier

The Hangover

The Hangover is more amusing than funny. Its fierce end credits aside, nothing reaches the comedic heights of (I dare say) Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

I've lolled at both tasering and Ken Jeong before, but the tasering scene is gratuitous and lame and Ken Jeong's character is excruciating to watch.

re: the tasering scene
You set up the pudgy kid and…that's it?

How did the security people investigating the mattress not pick up on the same architectural idiosyncrasy that Stu does?

real-time thought: Mike Tyson's daughter sure grew up quickly. Four years old and already experimenting with masturbation.

Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation isn't as rotten as Rotten Tomatoes suggests. I dare say that a helicopter sequence at the beginning is kinda boss.

I wonder what McG blackmailed Helena Bonham Carter with.

"You have to wear a bald cap too! …or else!"

If the Los Angeles branch of the Resistance is a teenager and a young girl, what is Eugene's branch? A cat?

Punching a T-600's endoskeleton would hurt mightily. John Connor is (heh) inhuman.

real-time thought: North Korea is like Scotland in Doomsday, or M. Night's village.


  1. vladmir 07 Jun 09 at 12:03

    "fierce" and "kinda boss."

    this post is okay: has its moments.

  2. bdot 07 Jun 09 at 19:24

    re : mike tyson's daughter…..

    i have a friend whose daughter is 2, and has discovered that sitting a certain way in her car seat is quite enjoyable.

    in fact, she gets quite upset if the car arrives at the destination, before she has reached hers…. weird.


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