Robbing blood banks was never my style

Brad Delson, lead guitarist for Linkin Park, will deliver keynote remarks at the UCLA College of Letters and Science commencement ceremony.

Delson was picked after the scheduled keynote speaker, actor James Franco, canceled. [source]

Reach for the stars.

In fairness to Delson, he graduated summa cum laude. Granted, it was in Communications, but summa cum laude is summa cum laude. How many musicians who've toured with Crazy Town even attended college?

Other lapsed academics:

Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind was valedictorian of UC Berkeley's class of 1987.

Dexter Holland of The Offspring earned a master's in Molecular Biology at USC and was a Ph.D candidate.

Dolph Lundgren holds a master's in Chemical Engineering and was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to MIT.

Greg Graffin earned a Ph.D in Zoology at Cornell, but he teaches part-time at UCLA.

Next year, UCLA should ask Morgan's girlfriend on Chuck to speak. According to IMDb, she majored in Biomedical Chemical Engineering at UCLA and was treasurer of the Chemical Engineering Society, vice president of the Engineering Society of UCLA, and an honorary member of the Society of Women Engineers.

Of course, this time next year, she may no longer be a cast member on Chuck.

The Tonight Show booked some interesting guest pairings for next week.

June 15: Joe Torre and Spinal Tap
June 16: Larry David and Lauren Conrad
June 17: William Shatner and McLovin'

Scribblenauts so enraptured me last week that I forgot to profess my love for Lemmy the Kill Master in Brutal Legend.

My counselour at science camp in sixth grade was Tim Schafer's brother, which thrilled Jon the then Day of the Tentacle fanatic.

I caught a bit of Bad Boys II on Sleuth and boy, Jordi Mollà really chews the scenery. He also enunciates the same odd way that fellow ESL Spaniard Javier Bardem does.

"I am ecks-how-sted."

For Bad Boys II, Michael Bay realized my idea for a car chase in which a car carrier unloads cars during the chase.

Movie Stunt Idea: Forward-flip a car carrier.

I feel like the same Triple Crown chase happens every year – win two, lose the Belmont. Horse racing is a huge cock tease.

Kid drinks denture water


  1. L 07 Jun 09 at 16:57

    Conan also declined the position. I remember Conan at Harvard's commencement a while ago, he was funny.


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