Dress Rehearsal


"Does the TSA prohibit Scotchgard?"
"In case it rains at the wedding. I don't want to pack an umbrella…"

"I called the hotel. The woman on the phone said that she would submit my early check-in request, but guaranteed nothing, which I assume is a 'no.'"
"My back-up plan is to recoup sleep during a matinee screening at a nearby cineplex. Angels and Demons runs a decent two-and-a-half-hours."

"If Thao and a Mexican girl conceived a child, he or she would be a Hmong beaner."
"You need to stop watching Gran Torino."

"Is this your—"
"To-do list, yeah."
"Frozen custard, Coney gyro… Buffalo Wild Wings? This is all food!"
"Don't judge me."

How much do you owe?


  1. bdot 17 Jun 09 at 16:00

    i could be plus/minus $100 – it asked if i ever had sex for money, and it doesn't clarify which way the money was moving…

  2. Tushar 17 Jun 09 at 20:37

    I look forward to the frozen custard.


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