Fear and Loathing in La Cervecería

Oh gawd…

[freezes up]

11, 12, 13, 14…

[lungs tighten]

What do I do?

Mingle, idiot! You know most everyone…

Yes, but… Sub-groups! I… I can't do this.

[sigh] Then don't kill their buzz.

Well, I can't just disappear…

See that chair beside the jukebox? Plant yourself along that wall.

//an hour later//

"He's a dick narc!"
[joyous laughter]

I want. to die.


  1. Forest 19 Jun 09 at 14:00

    Is Jord still squeezing that same Dick Narc joke? Come on, man – OLD.

  2. danielle 22 Jun 09 at 17:57



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