Quit Your Day Job: Shinedown.

Airline radio will outlast newspapers.

Red-eye flights are the only sensible way to fly cross-country eastbound, as you can easily lose a day with the time change (4-6 hours + 2-3 hours). I'd rather lose sleep than time.

My red-eye flight flew parallel to an electrical storm. 'Twas a neat sight.

Idea: GPS Air. Replace a commercial airplane's inner window panes with transparent projection screens on which passengers can overlay a map to see exactly what they're currently flying over.

What is that lit area below?

My middle-aged Indian taxi driver's mobile rang.

"You're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no…"


I can't believe this terminal corridor has an indoor train in addition to moving walkways. It's like riding an elevator to the second floor of a building. Lazy!

//fast forward//

[panting, sweating]

Oh man… This is longer than Sky Harbour! Why are all the gates for west-coast-bound flights located at the very end?"

"Enjoy Boingo access anywhere in the airport for a full 24 hours."

24 hours — in an airport? That might be reasonable during winter…

Free wi-fi should be standard in airports.

Instead of paying for internet, I people-watched.


"Why is he walking so oddly?"
"Both of his big toes were amputated, so he has to secure flip-flops between his index and middle toes."

5 footlong? Oh and an arrow pointing to his crotch. HI-larious!

Google returns variant shirts that read "$5 footlong."

Would you rather openly declare that your penis may impale sexual partners or that you are a bargain gigolo?

What do you think is the fattest air travel route in America? It's definitely a Southwest route.



  1. Aaron 26 Jun 09 at 10:44

    Southwest is the shit. I appreciate Jet Blue's leg room and TV… but the TV wouldn't be necessary if they didn't leave you waiting on the tarmac for an extra hour and a half before you take off.


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