I'm gay as a choir boy for you

I'm surprised that Carol Bartz hasn't signed a Yahoo! Answers book or television deal yet.

The Yahoo! Answers Show on VH1. Comedians snappily answer stupid questions.


  1. Hot Carl 29 Jun 09 at 09:46

    I find it amazing you were able to find this just 4 minutes after it was posted.

  2. Aaron 29 Jun 09 at 15:28

    For the poor fetus' sake, I hope she chooses abortion.

    1. Anonymous 18 Dec 12 at 20:57

      ummm…. are you like a bit retarded? it turns into a fetus after 8 weeks and she has been pregnant for about one week only….. so you just went full retard there….

      1. InsaneJester 15 Feb 13 at 04:07

        He was being hypotethical you fat fuck, gargle my ballsack and eat my dick you filthy slut!


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