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Every week during Raw, WWE inserts absurdly insecure trivia bumpers.

For Monday's episode: "Did you know? Last Monday, more people watched Raw than any show on ABC, NBC, FOX and CW."

One of these things is conveniently missing…

Idea: A WWE trivia bumper log.

I've been trying to find a reason to visit Los Angeles and may have two.

1. The UCLA Film and Television Archive curated a series of Mexican Sci-Fi Classics to screen in August with free admission.

"Heroic masked wrestler 'Santo' neutralizes macho Martian invaders."

2. Harvey Danger plays its last California show at Largo around the same time. Tickets are still available for the band's last show ever in Seattle a week later, but it conflicts with the screening of Santo vs. La Invasion de Los Marcianos.

In the July issue of my alumni magazine, I read that when it was unveiled in 1984, the bear statue in Bruin Plaza was billed as the largest bear sculpture in the United States.

What bear statue supplanted it? I wondered.

Google doesn't seem to know.

International Falls, Minnesota is home to the world's largest Smokey the Bear statue, but it was created in 1954 out of wood, so the search narrows to metal bear sculptures created after 1984.

I received the program for this year's San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. You know its audience skews old when you can still order tickets by mail.

» Skin, a Dutch take on The Believer
» Eve, Natalie Portman's directorial debut
» Sidney Turtlebaum, a short in which Derek Jacobi plays an elderly gay man who robs grieving strangers at shivas

Official festival deals include a special Jewish Film Festival flavour at Gelateria Naia (oven-baked ham?) and a free homemade soda with grilled item at Amanda's in Berkeley.

Free homemade soda with grilled item — how very Berkeley. CASH ONLY!!!

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