On the season premiere of Ace of Cakes, Jon and Kate and their eight visit. All that's missing is Jay Mariotti.

I heard Adam Carolla as the voice of a taxi cab on Wizards of Waverly Place.

Vince McMahon amuses himself:

In FCW (WWE developmental), Abe's middle name was "Saddam."

Television Show Idea: A look behind the scenes at a wrestling entertainment giant, a la Sports Night. If you just rip from past headlines, you have enough material for at least ten seasons.

Good God, will Trekkie be this year's zeitgeist Halloween costume? It's no Joker, but what is the competition? Brüno? Paul Blart?

I'm not sure Watchmen was successful enough to inspire many Rorschachs.

Whoa. Eddie Murphy nearly starred in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home!

Navigating blogs can feel like this:

On a line, left is backward and right is forward.

In time, previous is backward and next is forward.

But you read a blog backward, so Previous is normally left and forward and Next is right and backward — backward is forward and forward is backward.

But on Adam Riff™ and other select web sites, Previous is left and backward and Next is right and forward, so Previous is forward in time and Next is backward.

Resign is the opposite of re-sign.

I really love 'A' so I thought I'd give this recipe a try. My DH is allergic to 'B', so I substituted 'C', and there's no way my kids are going to eat 'D', so I left it out. I doubled the amount of 'E' and I didn't have any fresh 'F' on hand so I used canned.

It was awful! Stay away from this recipe!!!

— Every review on every cooking site

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    The costume could very well go to MJ.


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