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Wikipedia » Television shows set in the United States

Q: What is the best scripted television show set in each state?

My annotated ballot:

Alabama: Any Day Now ¹
Alaska: Northern Exposure
Arizona: Hey Dude ²
Arkansas: Evening Shade ²
California: Arrested Development
Colorado: South Park
Connecticut: Who's the Boss?
Florida: Miami Vice
Georgia: The Dukes of Hazzard
Hawaii: Magnum, P.I.
Illinois: Married… with Children
Indiana: The Fugitive
Iowa: Drexell's Class ²
Kansas: Gunsmoke
Kentucky: Daniel Boone ²
Louisiana: Thief ³
Maine: Murder, She Wrote
Maryland: The Wire
Massachusetts: Cheers
Michigan: Freaks and Geeks
Minnesota: The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Mississippi: In the Heat of the Night
Missouri: Jack and Bobby ²
Montana: Buckskin ¹
Nebraska: The Young Riders ²
Nevada: Reno 911!
New Hampshire: The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire ¹
New Jersey: The Sopranos
New Mexico: Breaking Bad
New York: Seinfeld
North Carolina: Dawson's Creek The Andy Griffith Show ²
Ohio: Family Ties
Oklahoma: Saving Grace ²
Oregon: Eureka ²
Pennsylvania: The Office
Rhode Island: Brotherhood
South Carolina: American Gothic ¹
Tennessee: Christy ¹
Texas: Dallas
Utah: Big Love ²
Vermont: Newhart
Virginia: Doug ²
Washington: Twin Peaks
Wisconsin: Happy Days
Wyoming: The Virginian ²

ineligible: Delaware, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia

¹ by default
² slim pickings
³ when it aired, it was classified as a series, not a mini-series


  1. hugo 10 Jul 09 at 03:22

    this blog desperately needs sunshine

  2. Cangrejero 10 Jul 09 at 06:58

    I thought I was the only person who saw American Gothic. Then I saw it was the only one in SC.

  3. Josh 10 Jul 09 at 15:49

    Dawson's Creek was filmed in North Carolina, but it was set in Massachusetts.

  4. Jeremy 12 Jul 09 at 16:09



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