Whoa. Park Chan-wook is attending.

In an age of DVRs and ad blockers, over 100,000 people will descend on San Diego next week fortnight to be advertised to for four days.

They will queue for hours and suffer through unappealing panels – to be advertised to!

The Avatar panel precedes the Twilight: New Moon panel in the same hall.

I foresee James Cameron presenting visionary film technology to a bunch of fat girls who want to bone a werewolf.

update: organizers flipped the two panels

The entry price for a 30-second ad spot during this year's Super Bowl was $3 million. Why not offer the same money to Comic-Con instead for the panel spot before, say, the Lost panel?

You'll literally have a captive audience for an hour, and you can do anything!

The Frito-Lay panel. The panel.

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  1. Alex 11 Jul 09 at 06:28

    Queue. Cheers!


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