Weekend Nachos


If Borat was Sacha Baron Cohen's Royal Tenenbaums, then Brüno is his Life Aquatic.

It generally plays like a hard R Austin Powers flick. The gay sex montage, the talk show, the charity single, et al. are straight out of Mike Myers' playbook.

Chris Martin receives short shrift.

"My Heart Will Go On" was originally "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium — lulz.

In Which Boy Meets World Changes Our Understanding Of Cory, Shawn And Also Topanga


  1. Anonymous 13 Jul 09 at 22:36

    Re: the Rapper's Delight cover…

    I feel like Quentin Tarantino is getting a boner just thinking about filming a scene where Uma Thurman flips on an entertainment system playing that song with her foot.

  2. Aaron 13 Jul 09 at 22:36

    That was me by the way. Wouldn't want this Anonymous guy to get credit for my lackluster insights.


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