They have you on video dumping the body!

Three years ago:

"…and it seegs into…"
"It's pronounced 'segway.'"


"Oh. 'Segway'…"

During the latest Listen UP podcast, John Davison pronounces it "seeg" too, and he was the editor-in-chief of EGM.

I'm not the only one!

I tried to find an image of a Nazi saluting someone on a Segway to caption "Segue Heil."

I need an artist on call.

I've also been accused of mispronouncing "nihilism" (ironic?), but Merriam-Webster lists both "nee-ilism" and "nigh-ilism."

My logic: annihilate > "nigh-ilate" > "nigh-ilism."

"Nee-ilism"? To Nietzsche his own…

"We are the nihts who say 'ni'!"

I'm developing a podcasted chat show, which may not ever materialize.

Working title: Anarcast (An Adam Riff™ Podcast).

—or: AARP

Spider Pizza


  1. Aaron 15 Jul 09 at 16:19

    I've always pronounced it "nigh-ilism" as well… and Rancid agrees. Not like they're an authority on proper pronunciation, but it's nice to have that kind of support nonetheless.

  2. Jeremy 15 Jul 09 at 20:53

    Latin doesn't really have an "eye" sound with it's i's. The long "i" is pronounced as in "machine", and the short i is like in "pin", and "nihil" has two short i's. That being said, I pronounce it "nigh-ilism" as well.

  3. Horhay 16 Jul 09 at 08:26

    Alpha (al-fa) Beta (bay-ta) Feta (Fay-ta)?


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