Atom Bombs and Blunt Razors

This is pretty spectacular for a jeans ad:

direction: Cary Fukunaga (Sin Nombre)
words: "America" by Walt Whitman
music: "The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead (Many Ives Version)" by Final Fantasy

I once conceived a video for "When I Die" by New Found Glory with a similar aesthetic, but in colour with a yellow filter. Thusly capture imagery of Día de los Muertos in rural Mexico — children playing in calavera masks, papel picado flittering in a light wind.

I once conceived a number of videos for New Found Glory songs.

"Your Biggest Mistake"
A subtitled montage of people fucking up on game shows.

"Head On Collision"
Inspired by the scene in Magnolia in which an ambulance overturns — an ambulance demolition derby. Each band member operates an occupied ambulance. Intercut footage of the band performing in the back of a sixth participating ambulance.

At the time, Drive-Thru and Vagrant were competing record labels, and a pick-up football game (with jerseys) between band members on both labels' rosters popped in my head. Dashboard quarterbacks Team Vagrant.

11 year old skater Alex Decunha

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