Cheated on Geno's with a soda at Pat's

I learned that my father does not like strawberry-flavoured yogurt.

"How can you not like strawberry yogurt? That's like hating vanilla ice cream!"

He prefers peach- and cherry-flavoured yogurt.

"CHERRY YOGURT? Who eats cherry yogurt? Cherry is a beverage flavouring!"

I dreamt about visiting a Choco Taco factory and seeing how they are made. My sweet tooth is out of control.

Dave on Top Chef 1: "I'm not your bitch, bitch!"
Joseph on Hell's Kitchen 6: "I'm not no bitch!"

I wish DXD would air reruns of Bug Juice. For now, Endurance reruns "@DK" suffice.

I'm surprised that Hollywood has not adapted My Teacher Is an Alien yet.

Reality Show Idea: Fat people investigate paranormal activity.

—16 and fat

A list of all the movies currently being shown on the Lifetime networks
they show both A Face to Die For and A Face to Kill For


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