Today was a waste of a laundered shirt

Michigan State is one of five teams to have never played a Division I-AA [football] opponent since the NCAA adopted the division setup in 1978 (the others being USC, UCLA, Washington and Notre Dame).

But the Spartans fall off the list Sept. 5 when they play host to I-AA Montana State. [source]

UCLA just scheduled a football home-and-home with Rutgers in 2016-17 and is reportedly considering one with Duke.

We might as well begin scheduling I-AA opponents.

Michigan State is like the middle child of rivalries.

Penn State is a manufactured rival, while Michigan is "rivally" associated with Ohio State, and Notre Dame with USC.

Texas' football home opener against Louisiana-Monroe is a $29.95 pay-per-view event.

This game is designed to demonstrate the potential consequences of texting on your driving ability
Personal Urns use "advances in facial reconstruction and 3D printing" to create an urn in the image of anyone's head


  1. Dave 30 Jul 09 at 10:08

    2008: 8-5 (Bowl win)
    2007: 8-5 (Bowl win)
    2006: 11-2 (Bowl win)

    2008: 4-8
    2007: 6-7
    2006: 7-6 (Bowl loss)

    You talk a big game for a guy with a losing record the past three seasons.

  2. Adam 30 Jul 09 at 15:47

    I enjoy the money games when they involved Montana teams.


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