Nickelback, The Fray and Crüe Fest 2

I didn't realize how much I missed Seal Beach. Good times…

Soarin' Over California is even lamer than I'd heard.

Disney should be super-meta and erect a miniature California Adventure inside California Adventure.

I thought California was devoid of Chick-fil-As. Nope. Just the places I've lived. Karma for being a heathen, I suppose.

Back to full strength on Monday. Berkeley on Tuesday. Toronto in September.

The Unofficial Thomas Pynchon Guide to Los Angeles


  1. L 01 Aug 09 at 23:44

    You didn't like the water mist and pine smell that they included as you soared over palm springs?

    Most of the times I go to Chick-fil-A, they have some special and I end up w/ something extra in my bag.

  2. John O 02 Aug 09 at 14:36

    That's a very nice picture.


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