The space that's in between insane and insecure

"The dogs were defenseless! Michael Vick was cruel to defenseless animals!"

Suppose Vick's dogs knew krav maga. Would public reaction be different?

Suppose Vick's dogs gang-raped his children; dissolved their limbs alive in sulfuric acid; and hung his mother by a noose off one side of a burning cross.

Would public reaction be different?


"Puppies are not capable of such barbarity."

People assumed the same about the BTK Killer.

» The producer of Transformers and G.I. Joe plans to re-make Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance.

» I like to run with my back to the sun because the shadow I cast – it looks like my forearms were amputated.

» Would you rather be forced to breathe through only your nose or only your mouth?

» Fat Suit Comedy is a genre on Box Office Mojo.
"Lifetime Gross Total (22): $2,238,816,221."

» Pizza Hut re-branded as "The Hut." Radio Shack is re-branding as "The Shack."
Bed, Bath and Beyond Step into…The Beyond!

» ManBearPig is a valid item in Scribblenauts.

» What, exactly, is the power of leather?

» I hate when what I think is an open parking space is actually occupied by a small car or a motorcycle.

» I should've gotten in on the ground floor of bouncy castles.

Five things that should happen in real life as often as they do in cartoons


  1. Mel 04 Aug 09 at 10:34

    Nose. I love to smell. Anything.

    even poop.

  2. Aaron 04 Aug 09 at 17:20

    Nothing's worse than trying to breathe through your nose when you're horribly congested though. Lose lose.


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