Salt, sweat, sugar on the asphalt

Previously on Adam Riff™:

"Reason for crossing the border today?"
"To see a movie."


"Would you accompany me to Vancouver?"

TIFF announced its 2009 Canada First! slate. No Countdown to Liquor Day.

"I depart Toronto on September 20. Its release date is September 25."
"My boss says I'm underusing vacation days, but I'm already spending 10 days in Toronto, and I don't want to pay for five more nights at a hotel just to see a movie."
"But you'd fly to Washington."
"I have a free plane ticket!"

"Hmm… Bellingham's only an hour away. Southwest doesn't fly into BLI, but I also have credit card reward points I can exchange. But then you'd have to meet me in Bellingham."

"Why don't you just fly into Vancouver?"
"I don't want to pay for a hotel room just to see a movie. I did so once in Montreal and it's just not financially prudent."

"Forget Vancouver. We'll stop at the first cinema across the border. The…uh…Criterion 4 in White Rock."
"When does it come out again?"
"September 25, but I'm targeting Columbus Day weekend. My birthday is the preceding Tuesday."

"Didn't you fly to Michigan and drive to Windsor to see the first Trailer Park Boys movie?"
"Yup. On opening weekend – my birthday weekend. 2006."

"Third week of release. It should still be playing in theatres."


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  1. Pinder 11 Aug 09 at 14:35

    Jon, let me know if the winds of shit change. I live in South Surrey, right by White Rock and I could pick you up in Bellingham.


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