Heart Attack

I didn't think anyone outside my childhood social circle played this game until I saw Peter Sarsgaard, Sienna Miller and Ben Foster's brother play it in The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

You may know it as Slapjack?


I never learned the name of this game, but we played it when we grew tired of Heart Attack.

1. Collectively choose a subject. For example: Fruit.

2. Individually choose a fruit. "I am 'apple.'" "I am 'banana.'"

3. Distribute cards evenly face down.

4. Simultaneously flip cards over until two or more card values match.

5. If your card matches another player's card, you must say his or her fruit before he or she says yours. If your card matches two or more players' cards, you must say all of their fruits.

6. The loser absorbs all of the cards in the pile.

7. Your final card is matchable until someone absorbs it. The game ends when one player holds all the cards.

8. Collectively choose another subject…

It may sound lame, but I swear it was fun to play when I was nine.


Allow me to air my grievances:

» Someone always transfers cards prudently, thus disrupting the flow of the game and retarding its ideal pace.

» The spoons are never equidistant from every player, creating an unfair advantage for some.

» You don't even need to play the game to win. You can just focus on the spoons while blindly transferring cards from one pile to another.

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