Tired Hearts Stop Beating

—who recorded that song that goes
—tonight's gonna be a good night?
—i thought it was cobra starship
—but it isn't

—its black eyed peas

—that song
—"i gotta feeling"

—"gotta" = "got to" = "have to"
—will.i.am has to feeling that he will have a good night?

—i thought fergie was leighton meester

Rise Against: punk rock's Nickelback.

Hearing "day-o" at a baseball game without the subsequent "day-ay-ay-o" is odd. It's like playing Marco Marco.

What if quarterbacks in the NFC also punted or kicked PATs?

Monroe on Endurance + 10 years = Monroe on Too Close for Comfort.

Indian families sure love to eat dinner at Chipotle.

K-Mart – Blingitude
Real Jobs with Former NBA Centers – Masseur
Three Times…

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