The kumquat and the quail

Drew: I would watch a show starring Jon and eight milkshakes.

Jon and Shake Plus 8 More.
Ace of Shakes.
Shake Boss.

Ed Hoarders (millions of milkshakes!).

Showtime and the BBC are partnering on a comedy series starring former Friends star Matt LeBlanc.

Episodes follows a British couple whose hit show is turned into a dumb American sitcom when the format rights get sold in the U.S. LeBlanc will play himself as an actor on the dumbed-down show. [source]

LeBlanc will be the fourth Friends cast member to later star in an "inside Hollywood" television series.

The Comeback, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Dirt all failed.

Things Will Never Be The Same
Deion Sanders lived with MC Hammer in Fremont when he was a 49er?


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