drink at the funeral, piss on the corpse. yell at the sun 'til your voice is all hoarse.

Monday Night Raw's new theme song is "Burn It to the Ground" by Nickelback.

More amazing: Chad Kroeger's straightened hair or the size of the audience?

On the footage of Manu Ginobili swatting a bat:

Who shaved his head? Peter Berg? Was it veteran hazing?

His bald spot is even more glaring now. He needs like a hair yarmulke.

I thought Nip/Tuck had reached the peak of Mount Ridiculous, but then Annie overdoses on her own hair and Matt becomes

a criminal mime.

Still, neither are as ridiculous as characters on Glee referencing MySpace.

But Fox owns MySpace and Fox produces Glee.

Similarly, no one plays fantasy football via Fox Sports' web site, but in The League's premiere episode…

related: James Hetfield

Blake Griffin looks like he's had too much plastic surgery.

I keep typing "Black Griffin."

Magic and Worthy let Lamar in on their secret on the NBA on ESPN RV.

I caught a 15-second version that cuts off after "that's crazy" and thought the ball was filled with candy on my SDTV.

It'd be funnier with candy. Apple Now and Laters.

Idea: Mad Men: The Next Generation.
Don Draper oversees Sterling Cooper in the 80s. Main characters include Sally, Bobby, and Pete and Peggy's illegitimate child.

Build an episode around Apple's "1984" ad.

January Jones will host Saturday Night Live on November 14.

Taylor Swift will host this Saturday's episode. I expect a lame bit with Kenan as Kanye.

Tracy Morgan interrupts Taylor's monologue and spews nonsense.
Taylor and Mike Myers prepare to introduce a telethon performance by Beyoncé.

Charlie Day from Always Sunny in Philly and his best dance moves from season 1-5

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