In the age of lasers, we lost our shit

"And this is an attractive lady with a hamburger for a head."

Ron's "involuntary noise" induced tears.

» On Monday, Inside the Actors Studio welcomes…Bon Jovi.

» Flowers Uncut with Jeff Leatham follows a celebrity florist.

» Omarosa's Ultimate Merger will follow 12 men as they compete for her affection.

» Bank of Hollywood will feature everyday people petitioning for money in front of a panel of celebrity judges, including Candy Spelling and Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton.

MTV's new series Jersey Shore

I cannot keep quiet about my obsession with Late Night Black People Twitter
A British journalist traveled to Baltimore to see if The Wire was accurate
Yes, There Is A Blow-Up Doll In Modern Warfare 2

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