We drank on the roof and pissed on the city

Proof of Pacquiao's own confidence came from the concert he scheduled at Mandalay Bay, a full eight songs to be sung less than two hours after the fight concluded. [source]

Sadly, Belichick had to re-schedule his show at the Murat Theatre to a later date.

ESPN's College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon begins tonight at midnight with (gulp) Cal State Fullerton at UCLA.

San Diego State will then play Saint Mary's at 11:00 pm local time.

Monmouth will play Saint Peter's at 6:00 am local time.

Drexel will play Niagara at 8:00 am local time.

I hope accommodating ESPN is worth the dubious national exposure.

Headline idea if Florida and Texas play each other in the BCS National Championship Game: "Cowboy Tebop."

I'm usually asleep when NFL pre-game shows air in California, but I can't imagine wasting one or two hours watching men discuss games that haven't been played yet.

But many people tune in, presumably in anticipation of football, leading me to wonder why networks don't lead into games with reruns of struggling primetime shows instead.

Fiesta Bowl: Iowa vs. Boise State
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Cincinnati
Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. TCU

I can see why Fox let ESPN acquire its BCS telecast rights. For every Texas vs. Ohio State, there are two Kansas vs. Virginia Techs.

Call it "NCIS football" – solid but unremarkable match-ups. The BCIS.

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