I will collect my hemorrhoid donut and bid you adieu

The bickering gay brothers on The Amazing Race finished second. I pray the bickering Voltaggio brothers on Top Chef finish second too.

MTV UK adapted Laguna Beach and considered adapting The Hills.

Idea: Jersey Shore with chavs!

We were the kings and queens of promise
We were the victims of ourselves
Maybe the children of a lesser God
Between Heaven and Hell

30 Seconds to Mars' "Kings and Queens" is aggravatingly pretentious.

When Jared Leto wails "the age of man is over," I just want to punch his angel face.

Opening with a wild hawk scream, the song [was] inspired by a book found at the band's South African work space. It "ended up being a good metaphor" for world events from the past year. They show a change in music style that is very similar to U2. [source]

Also on my "to punch" list: real Best Buy employees who sing parodies of Christmas carols.

Lucasfilm somehow trademarked the word "droid."

During telecasts of collegiate athletic events, you will see ads, or "institutional spots," for each participating school.

Idea: Institutional spots created by filmmaker alumni.

I'm curious how Wes Anderson would sell Texas or how Judd Apatow would sell USC.

How does the ACC have nine bowl tie-ins?

The 10 best NCAA basketball games of the decade: number four

I've watched the above clip so many times that I can recite the commentary verbatim.

Alas, it happened six years too late for me to perform it as a Dramatic Interp piece for Speech and Debate.

Freedom Tray


  1. Josh 07 Dec 09 at 06:02

    Awesome. That was the year they won the title, right? Oh wait.

    Side not: I can't stand Gus Johnson.

  2. josh 07 Dec 09 at 14:14

    Kevin and his beard for the win.

    Side note: I'm a liar, I love Gus Johnson.


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