We are all in some way or another going to Reseda

Paramount greenlit a sequel to Paranormal Activity with the director of Saw VI at the helm. It will be released in October against Lionsgate's 3-D Saw VII.

All that's missing is Scary Movie 5.

Hustler's parody porn line-up for 2010-11 includes:
» This Ain't Curb Your Enthusiasm XXX
» This Ain't Avatar XXX
» This Ain't Glee XXX
» This Ain't The Cable News XXX
» This Ain't The Soup XXX

My guess is the pornographic Soup parody incorporates footage of other pornographic parodies – a parody porn clip show.

This DVD is packed with Bam [Margera] and his crew playing paintball and skate boarding in action packed sex scenes. [source]

Huntington Beach may outlaw beer pong.

Luke Hamman, 24, of Huntington Beach, said the ban isn't right.

"They shouldn't ban it. Beer pong is awesome."

Disneyland is offering two free nights if you book three nights at its hotel and buy a five-day ticket package.

What a terrible deal. You need two days (at most) to experience Disneyland, and then you're stuck there, forced to eat losses if you wish to venture outside Anaheim.

James Cameron celebrated his Golden Globe wins at Tom Colicchio's Craft restaurant.

When he sat down to eat, he grabbed a piece of steak with his bare hands, pausing only to watch a clip of his acceptance speech playing on a TV behind him.

The producers of the Grammy Awards cannot be happy about this Haiti telethon.

Performing at the Grammys:
» Black Eyed Peas
» Bon Jovi
» Dave Matthews Band
» Lady Antebellum
» Maxwell
» Pink
» Zac Brown Band

Performing for Haiti:
» U2 with Jay-Z and Rihanna
» Bruce Springsteen
» Coldplay
» John Legend
» Justin Timberlake
» Stevie Wonder
» Wyclef Jean

why indian girl smells so bad??
how to feel old today: "i loved green day before 21 guns"

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