No Direction Home

This is an actual video game.

Whenever the Winter Olympics circle around, jokes about how lame curling is annoyingly follow. Curling is no less lame than golf, and, unlike golf, it features the added intrigue of sabotage. If you want to goof on a Winter Olympic sport, goof on cross-country skiing.

Women's Hockey is an Olympic sport?

Odd that China has a women's hockey team, but not a men's one.

Munchie Legaux: Cincinnati QB recruit or True Blood character?

Southern Miss signed ATH Furious Bradley. Surely one college football prospect in America has the surname "Van Geons."

Fuuuuurious Bradley!

Crazy thought: If UNC finishes last in the ACC will conference keep Heels out of Big Ten/ACC Challenge in 2010? Last place is odd team out. [source]

Toddler crushed by snowman
Well, I'm officially not sleeping tonight
The Quest For a Japanese Girlfriend


  1. hugostop 10 Feb 10 at 06:25

    re: 'well…'

    uh, er, OKAY

    re: curling

    curling is a good sport. i do not know why people make fun of curling. people make fun of curling the same way people make fun of bowling, and traveling to canada. people make fun of things they just dont understand.



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