Ficta voluptatis causa sint proxima veris

Dead Set is a 2008 British mini-series in which a zombie outbreak and the Big Brother UK house collide.

EV is a 2010 Turkish film in which a madman intrudes into a Big Brother house and holds the housemates hostage.

One more and "Big Brother" qualifies as a horror genre.

Idea: Paranormal Big Brother house.

Idea: An earthquake creates a gigantic sinkhole that swallows a Big Brother house deep underground, trapping housemates inside for real.

Idea: A sadist commandeers a Big Brother house's control room.

"I want to play a game."

I couldn't imagine a more transgressive film than Antichrist coming down the line any time soon. I was very, very wrong.

Serbian Film left me feeling dirty and assaulted, a film that will surely spark protest and deservedly so. [source]

In short: A cash-strapped man unwittingly agrees to star in a snuff film.

ragingly not safe for work

Serbian Film will world premiere at South by Southwest.

New Jersey Turnpike Toll Collectors Gone Wild

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